Aug 2, 2013

An account of my last weekend activity - review of Ship of thesus and Tribute to Begum Akhtar

I have wanted to write about my last weekend for the whole week and finally I can do it on today. Nothing is more pressing today and I can happily write reviews of the two pleasurable shows I watched last weekend.

First was the highly acclaimed movie “Ship of thesus” which has made me debate from both the sides with my own self. Ship of Thesus is a paradox that questions about originality of an award winning ship, parts of which replaced over years. You can read more about the paradox at Wikipedia.
When I went for the movie, I briefly remembered the reason for the name. Kiran Rao has done a beautiful job by showcasing three lives in need of transplantation and the impact on lives of each.

A blind girl, photographer, on her way to success gets her eye transplant and no longer likes her work. The story moves fast and gripping with too many things happening. The story ends abruptly and we conclude that the girl is no longer a photographer.

A monk who fights against animal testing is resistant to get a liver transplant but gives up when he is on the verge of losing his life. This part of the story is slow and long as it tries to explain the monk’s resistance over the period. The story ends with him giving up.

A business man who believes that the kidney given to him through kidney transplantation is stolen. He sympathizes with the victim and makes sure he gets justice, only to be surprised when the victim is happy when he gets money in return.

The name of the movie is justified when the three, receivers from the same donor meet in a special screening of donor’s work, leaving us to debate upon the paradox…whether it be a ship or a person, is it same when parts of it is replaced with new and different parts.

Welcome back!! (I got so lost writing the first review, I forgot I had to write about the second too)

So here is the second show I watched – Musical tribute to Begum Akhtar. I reached the show only to meet my mentor, without knowing what was in the store. She invited me to a play that she was going to watch as one of her colleagues was performing and I went there, trusting her judgment and without bothering to find out what it was.

It was only after the show began (after sitting in the auditorium for 30 min to get the best seats) I realized that I had come across the same on book my show and wanted to see it.

Many men and women of my age would not know who begum Akhtar was, but it shouldn’t be difficult. Google and you would get to know a lot about her. Using the same tool you can find out that she was a singer, a highly acclaimed one, who sang classical and semi-classical songs, an all India radio performer, an actress and a playback singer.

The show was about two. The story of her life was beautifully told, only to be interrupted to make spaces for her famous songs.

The story of her life began at her childhood, and her initial classes. A few semi-classical thumris and moved to her days in Bollywood. Some songs from her famous movies with stories and tales of different incidences of her life. Her marriage, break from singing, and return to singing coupled with gazals and other classical songs sung by Begum Akhtar.

The show as beautifully held by the narrator and the amazing singer. It was a short and beautiful tribute to a legendary singer.

All in all, it was a well spent weekend.

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