Sep 2, 2013

Day-18 Stephen Hawking's Black Holes And Baby Universes and other essays

I am no longer keeping of number of days I am behind in my project 30 days 30 books. Having read over 500 books in my life, I am surprised that I can’t think of thirty books to review. Shame on me :(

But thank God that the world still has some goodness left. Therefore, I keep meeting bloggers who offer to share their review on my blog.

Here is another one from Adarsh. Through his blog Adarsh posts various reviews – books, movies and other stuff. Personal opinion – his movie reviews are awesome. There are also certain short stories and debates on current issues. All in all it is a nice blog which is worth a visit. Check it out here.

Through that nice wonderful blog, Adarsh has shared with us the review of Stephen Hawking's Black Holes And Baby Universes and other essays.

A collection of Stephen Hawkings interviews and essays is something that I would never be interested to read had I not come across this review.

In Adarsh’s words – “On the whole, "Black Holes and Baby Universes and other essays" is a very good read (at least for a scientifically non-inclined person like me). Hawking's writing is good and to the point, and his sense of mild humour ensures that all is not dull. Regardless of your agreement or disagreement (as in my case) with the statement from the book's Introduction I have quoted above, I would suggest that you go for this one.

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