Sep 12, 2013

Day 20 - The cuckoo's calling

Day 20 of project 30 days 30 project brings us the review of Robert Galbraith’s “The Cuckoo’s calling” reviewed by Rupertt Wind.

A mystery by Robert Galbraith aka J. K. Rowling was published earlier this year and our reviewer here says –
I would happily recommend the book as one of the finest mysteries I have ever read and when not viewed in the glitz and glamour of Potter, Mr Strike is a superior detective and a fine example of Miss Rowling Literary and Creative skills. Though slow to catch on the book itself is interesting, captivating and addictive.”

Ruppertt Wind who maintains a wonderful blog under the name of Pages off life proudly mentions that he has read 65 books in year 2013. About himself, he says, “Just someone who is one of a kind. A guy who really is destined for greatness”.

Check out the complete blog and read the book review here -


  1. The first book I read by Ms. Rowling. I know, i know, there are people there who will want to crucify me for not reading the Harry Potter series, but... Well, what can I say about this one. Hefty (since i was reading an ebook on my cellphone), but an absolute ''unputdownable" one. The way she builds up the story and the end is fabulous with different pieces falling in place in the last conversation like a jigsaw puzzle getting completed... The characters are so nice esp. Strike & Robin. was happy to know that this was the 1st of the series... waiting for the next one with Strike & Robin (full time now) duo at it again!!!

    1. I still haven't read the book, though it is on my list. :)


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