Oct 1, 2013

Little (long) note of goals, achievements and awards

A new Ultimate Blogging Challenge begins today. 31 days, 31 post, one post each day… it took me quite a self-motivation to sign up for it. I remembered July and the nightmare of searching through topics, words and many times time and battery in my phone to do so. However, a round of conversation with my blogger friend Richa and I managed to sign up.

For last couple of days of September, I have been thinking about writing little achievements and goals.

For starters, somewhere in August I challenged myself to write 30 book reviews in 30 days. Though, the 30 days turned out to be 50 but with help of many fellow bloggers, I completed my last post yesterday.

September also bought me two little awards from my blogger friends.

First was Liebster Award shared by Meera of A Rat’s nibble. While sharing her award she asked certain questions…the answers to which go here –

1. What is the best word to describe you?
2. Tell me your wildest fantasy.
To sit at northpole
3. What scares you the most?
4. What is the best trick you think you have done to impress your crush but turned the other way?
I tried to draw attention by dropping the pen, but the teacher caught thinking I was cheating. It was a mess.
5. One ingredient for happiness.
Smile and let go.

Second award came from Ashish of My umpteen thoughts which was a Creative Blogger Award. I am frankly humbled to be sharing this, because if I ever have to describe my blog, creative will be the last word out of my vocab.

However, I’d love to share these awards with a few blogger friends.

Liebster Award – Preethi of A bit of this and that

Creative blogger Award – Richa Vikas Agrawal of The philospher’s stone and Nabanita of Random Thoughts

Moving on… I am sort of happy that I achieved my target of writing 30 post a month in September and reaching out to a target number of audience. Also, my first ever attempt on poem was appreciated, which made me really happy. Moreover, I resolved to start blogging for cause and encouraging others to do so. I hope I will get to read more posts on the same soon.

I am taking a little more pledge and moving on to explore the fiction writer in me. Starting today, I will write a story (how long I still don’t know) as part of UBC. I will need all the support for this story, and I hope you like it.

For my friends who share my awards… please take out time to answer my little questionnaire.

1. Describe why you blog in one sentence?
2. One place that you want to visit the most?
3. Which color defines you the best?
4. What is one thing that can cheer you up on a blue day?

P.S. This isn't my UBC post. It is just a mark of another begining. More like talking to myself and my friends here. Do come back to read the first post of UBC later today.


  1. congratulations to you and thank you so much sugandha :) will get back with your answers really soon :) all the best for the UBC...will be around to read every post :) am in awe of your ability to take up and keep up with many such challenges...all the very best to you :)

  2. Thank you Preethi...look forward to your answers. As long as blogging is my stress buster, I think I'll love doing what I do. Also, it is very encouraging when people read it and promote it.

  3. How would you like support from fellow bloggers on the fiction you would be working on?

    1. Abhra you dprovided exactly the support I need...to read and comment exactly what you feel...
      my fellow bloggers to push me an extra mile...

  4. Congratulations on the awards Sugandha! Way to go!!

  5. Its tough to take up a blogging challenge to blog everyday ! Congratulations for the awards :-)

  6. Congrats! Many more awards to come!
    All the best for the challenges! We can achieve what we believe! :)

  7. Congrats Sugandha...Many more to Come your way as I know your a very punctual blogger and always try to give your best... :)
    Good Luck.. :)

  8. I accept this award with all my heart and gratitude! Madame apko toh pata hai, we have UBC on our head and so acceptance speech will take time. And woman the feeling is totally mutual!!!


    1. Yes madam :) waiting for your acceptance speech :)


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