Feb 3, 2014

And Blog Features - Kathy Combs

In 2014 at Shades of Life, a blogger friend gets featured for a Month. I am pleased to begin the trend with featuring an interview with a wonderful blogger "Kathy Combs". I'd like to call her blog as a feel-good blog. She is creative with her Haiku and stories, and gives us glimpses of her life in her lovely posts.

You can read her blog here - http://gigglingtruckerswife.blogspot.in/

In order to know her better, I asked Kathy five questions. Here is what she says.

1.Tell us about yourself in five sentences.
1. Me in 5 Sentences
• I am a perfectionist and a dedicated hard worker.
• I am a 45 year old stay at home mom of 2, a boy and girl, and a sub cafeteria worker at
the local school when they need me.
• I have been writing online and maintaining a personal website for 5 years.
• I love to read.
• I am a loner and fill my solitude with creative pursuits (writing, art, knitting, crocheting)
and with my nose constantly in a book reading.

2.What is one thing that we do not know about you?
2. One thing that you don’t know about me is that I was a permanent fixture on the Dean’s
List in college maintaining a 4.0 grade point average on my studies, was inducted into
Phi Theta Kappa, an honor society of college students, and was honored to be listed in
the yearly published volumes of “The Dean’s List” which reported college students who
maintained a level of excellence in the United States during my college years.

3. What is the main reason to blog?
3. My main reason to blog is to pass the time while my husband is on the road and my kids
are at school, keep my mind sharp, give my creativity a voice, and to quench the thirst I
have to create.

4. What is your blog all about?
4. My blog has evolved over the years and changed as I have grown as a writer. At first I
wrote anything that popped into my little head and over time my writing became more
structured and creative focusing on completing writing challenges that allowed me to
write everything from poetry to fiction with an occasional rambling free write thrown in
for good measure. It has also become a place to showcase and share my art.

5. Your new year message to your readers?
5. My New Year’s message to my readers is to never stifle your passions, explore them,
enjoy your life, and live your life one day at a time making each day count.


  1. Hi Kathy. Nice to know about you.
    Thanks Sugandha for introducing Kathy. Her writing makes you feel warm & cheerful. Keep it up Kathy.

  2. First up, Sugandha , Kudos to you on this initiative ! Appreciate the efforts you've taken to bring the blogger friends to the limelight :) And the starting is really grand. Kathy's interview is super cool and needless to say, Kathy is a blogger who spreads so much positivity through her blog. :) Good going, Sugandha :)

  3. Thank you Sugandha for the interview! I am honored! ♥

  4. Lovely Kathy...got to know more about you!! Great initiative Sugandha :)

  5. lovely post.. nice to know about Kathy. kudos to both of you :)


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